Apr 28, 2017
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Chicago, IL

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Almost "Made", from Chicago, IL


SpaceX seriously just put a freaking Tesla Roadster on a booster rocket & then successfully launched it on a trajectory towards Mars' orbit! Feb 6, 2018

    1. A1Gear
      SpaceX seriously just put a freaking Tesla Roadster on a booster rocket & then successfully launched it on a trajectory towards Mars' orbit!
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      2. A1Gear
        But miraculously only like 2 people got hurt... The homeowner & her neighbors smelled the natural gas odor & went outside... just prior, (like literally seconds) right before the fire & detonation.

        That explosion sent a huge shock-wave that felt like a fucking Nuke went off!
        It almost shuttered our windows, and scared the fuck out of the whole neighborhood as my family thought it was either an earthquake or WW3...
        Feb 7, 2018
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      3. A1Gear
        So, I can only imagine how bad it would be to live anywhere close to where the NASA & SpaceX conduct their freaking Shuttle/Rocket launches & lift-off tests; I'm guessing, on the weekly/monthly basis.

        It would probably be as bad as living next to a busy Metro Train Station, or worse... right between two different Time-Zones!

        BTW, @DigMe, I'm just genuinely curious: Do they ever conduct any Night-time launches?
        Feb 7, 2018
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      4. Gaspasser
        I grew up in Orlando and I still love the sound of a sonic boom. Whenever the orbiter came in for a landing I couldn't wait for the boom! It is just a part of life living near the Cape.
        Feb 10, 2018
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    2. A1Gear
      Ordered an Yggy A2, both (Quad+Single) types of: Octal LISST's & 6SN7 Tung-Sol's [NP] and 2 Metal Remotes... now that Schiit stocks 'em all.
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      2. A1Gear
        Will have some fun testing out my ol' rusty ears, to see if I can actually spot all of the differences between my original, warmed-up and burned-in Yggy... to this new one w/ the Analog2 boards.

        And, since the Octal LISST's are out, I can (finally) compare between Toobz & Tubes, once and for all... without going down the Ebay/Boutique-shops rabbit-hole!

        Good on Schiit for finally releasing the best of both worlds.
        Feb 5, 2018
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    3. A1Gear
      Looking for a Stereo Soundbar, for a family member; she is hard of hearing, so wants great Vocal/Dialogue clarity, Loudness & simplicity...
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      2. Biodegraded
        Pretty sure they'll all have remote-training capability these days. I recently bought a Polk Magni-fi to replace a dead 10-yr-old Boston; the Polk has 'voice-enhancement' buttons that presumably boost the midrange (never tried it). Used both with my TV remote. Thought the Boston, with its bigger drivers, sounded better - that might be the thing to look at rather than the brand.
        Jan 22, 2018
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      3. A1Gear
        @Biodegraded Going off your suggestions of bigger woofers = better/clearer (overall) Sound... I realized that I can go about tackling this setup w/ an entirely different path... I still have some old/unused full-range Klipsch Towers w/ 5.25" woofers & a matching Center, along w/ an older Powered Receiver, which should give me all the Control+Amplification that I'd need...
        Jan 22, 2018
      4. A1Gear
        ...I'll then use the (3.0ch) Receiver's setup: to cut-off the Lows by trimming the Low-end & running them w/out a Sub & boosting the Mids-to-Highs for: Vocal/Dialogue clarity.
        Gonna also use an old Nightstand to place the HDTV up on top & an old Panamax voltage regulator w/ an XB1/WDLive Players for her Media Playback w/ DirectTV box for all her DVR/Channels.
        My grandma will, hopefully, be very happy; thank you! :D
        Jan 22, 2018
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    4. Taverius
      My i7 gaming pc doesn't seem impacted so far. AMD and virtualized environments seem the most affected, I've yet to see gaming benchmarks that slow variations outside margin of error.
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      2. Grahad2
        That's because your BIOS is not updated. The kernel patches you get from Windows is useless without the BIOS updates.

        AMD is less affected than Intel after that, especially since Meltdown patches have higher perf penalties.
        Jan 22, 2018
    5. A1Gear
      Have anyone experienced any weird PC Shutdowns or noticeable Slowdowns after your Win10 Update, to fix that Intel Kernel VRAM vulnerability?
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      2. DigMe
        Feel kind of like a pick your poison thing as Intel has the issue at hand more so than AMD but then I hear about a lot of bugginess with the Ryzen stuff. I'm thinking I'll prob go Ryzen though. Tough b/c I've been an Intel guy forever.
        Jan 30, 2018
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      3. A1Gear
        Yeah, my bad! I always get confused and mix MS & Intel up!

        But whichever the Operating Systems (OS-level Updates) and whichever the Motherboard brands (BIOS/Firmware/MicroCode/UEFI-level Updates) you own.... are not directly, nor much-at-all, at fault here.
        They're just a conduit, of sorts, for relaying whatever Buggy & hastily-put-together Patches, those Intel/AMD deepshits, throw out at us, regular Consumer folks.
        Jan 30, 2018
      4. A1Gear
        @DigMe You're thankfully in-luck, man, as you still got a choice!

        So, just wait a bit longer for the upcoming 2018/19 line of Next-Gen CPU's from AMD or Intel... that will have: Silicon-based fixes, already implemented, at the chip-architectural level, from the get-go.

        But since I recently already bought and am kinda now stuck w/ an Intel Skylake-X HEDT chip... I'm totally fucked & shit outa luck LOL! So yep. =\
        Jan 30, 2018
    6. A1Gear
      CD-Baby removed the FLAC Option from their entire Digital Catalog, as well as from all of our prior purchases... (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ *Flips table*
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      2. Kattefjaes
        If they're taking away goods that you effectively already paid for, you should probably be able to fuck their shit up, given sufficient determination and energy.
        Jan 21, 2018
      3. Cspirou
        Jan 21, 2018
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      4. Cryptowolf
        WTF? At least I had already downloaded my music from them in the formats I wanted. Granted, if Bandcamp pulled the same thing, it would really upset me.
        Jan 21, 2018
    7. A1Gear
      ● Send Yggy for all 6 Upgrades/Updates. ● Get Freya+Saga LISST Toobz. ● Get Raggy V2 [Tubey-type]. ● Get Vidar V2 [25W Class-A Speaker Amp].
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      2. A1Gear
        Jan 17, 2018
      3. spwath
        Whats this about vidar v2?
        Jan 17, 2018
      4. A1Gear
        I'm not exactly sure yet, since Jason only hinted/teased us just recently w/ it...
        Quote: "Sure, there may be a place in the line for another amp (eventually—what about a 25W class A amp in a Vidar chassis that does 200W into 4 Ohms mono, just throwing that out there…), and sure, one of the products may need an Update" — Mr. Stoddard"
        Me & @cskippy discussed it in further detail on his latest Profile Feed, see there.
        Jan 17, 2018
    8. A1Gear
      CES'18: "Big Format Gaming Displays" by NVIDIA (will have several sizes from: ACER, ASUS, HP) (Release: 2018) Article: https://goo.gl/S11YGP
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      2. A1Gear
        Also, as far as I'm aware: there are NO commercially-available 1080p or 4K Televisions (VA, OLED, IPS or otherwise) of any size... that can accept anything higher than a 60Hz <Input> Connection (as screen/processing refresh rates are irrelevant if the Input side is hardware-locked at max of 60Hz).
        Jan 9, 2018
      3. A1Gear
        It seems like this BFGD panel would truly be the first of its kind; so long as it's not too exorbitantly expensive, I'll definitely be interested in its upcoming release & especially looking forward to seeing how it'll be reviewed by: DigitalFoundry, Battle(non)sense, JayzTwoCents, PC Perspective & others.
        Jan 9, 2018
      4. A1Gear
        As long as that Smyth Realiser A16 box (for Headphone Gaming w/ proper 360° Positional Audio) WON'T be a complete & utter fucking failure of over-promised & under-delivered expectations w/ a load of buggy software plus a steaming pile of hardware mess... combining it w/ 50-65" BFGD 4K Gaming TV... along w/ either Acer X27 or Asus PG27UQ PC Monitor (for best/fastest performing Visuals)... would be my dream come true!
        Jan 9, 2018
    9. A1Gear
      Checked up on Smyth Realiser A16 (KS)... So far it's been delayed by 7 months & still nowhere near to being ready; costs $800 MORE now. ~__~
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    10. A1Gear
      Jason Stoddard put up a greatly intriguing final Chapter of 2017 on his Blog at Ad-Fi: https://goo.gl/xVdUF2 Future product teasers aplenty!
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      3. WNovizar
        Hopefully there will be Loki Maxi. That way I can finally have Schiit Gumfreya -> Loki Maxi > Mjolnir stacks (asssuming it will be fullsized)
        Dec 22, 2017
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      4. A1Gear
        Oh a Gumbreya! So the hardwiring triumph (and dark photo deciphering) was a success?! I am quite jelly! :O
        Though, I'm way too terrified to attempt any wire-soldering—let alone: insta-voiding the Schiit Warranty—to go ahead w/ any of "that". But maybe one day. =]
        Dec 22, 2017
      5. WNovizar
        ah no, you misunderstood. I don't have Gumbreya, but I do know how to hardwire it to become one. I am still hesitating since I don't have speakers right now.
        Dec 23, 2017
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    11. A1Gear
      Too much stress in my life. Might be time to get a puppy (fam allergic to cats, welp). Anybody knows of any "family & kid-friendly" breeds?
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      2. A1Gear
        Thank you fellas for all the advice!
        I definitely need to start looking around my local shelters & find some humane dog breeders/vets.

        But mostly it's not just to have a less-boring & happier family atmosphere, in the house... it's also so that I can actually get my dumb lazy ass off the comfy chair & get a much needed exercise & cardio in the dog-park/backyard & also to get some good, fresh, winter air as well! :D
        Nov 21, 2017
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      3. A1Gear

        1) Finally finish-up the damn ManCave/House remodeling work inb4 the Winter starts!

        2) Build a new Gaming/Media PC, since I got almost all the parts bought, before New Year's.

        3) Find a great Puppy/Dog to adopt & spend time on.

        4) Enjoy the upcoming 2018 all the way up until Summer & only then: I MUST DUMP ALL MY SAVED UP CASH on Aficionado or Raggy V2 w/ LISST Tubes & the Remote!

        5) ???
        Nov 21, 2017
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      4. DigMe
        6) Profit!
        Nov 21, 2017
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    12. A1Gear
      @spwath, Do you know what's the best X299 Mobo that's worth a buy for a newbie PC builder? Is Asus R6E still a buggy mess? Out of Stock too.
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      2. A1Gear
        Anyways, I'll report back on the build-progress once all the Parts are on hand.

        Still need to look into that Liquid Metal Thermal compound, I've been advised on.

        Oh shit & a bunch of Drivers & Software/Hardware Test-Utilities as well... But that's, for sure, a Question for another time/week!
        Nov 17, 2017
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      3. Riotvan
        Good luck!
        Nov 17, 2017
      4. Mdkaler
        Man this has become a pretty long thread haha.
        Some tests show Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut performs better than others.

        Good luck and have fun!
        Nov 17, 2017
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    13. A1Gear
      Would ECAF: Bi-Amped direct to Highs/Mids of 96dB/8Ω/1800Hz Towers w/ AF's SE-Outs (as Pre) to Vidar: for Lows—make sense & be a good combo?
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      2. Marvey
      3. A1Gear
        Thank you for the link, Marv!

        I totally glanced over the fact that you used Vidar in your chain.

        It seemed a bit way over my head & too complex for me, at the time, when I first read how you set it all up.

        But it's starting to make more sense now!

        I'm trying to figure out between MiniDSP or DCX2496 for Low-end/Vidar duties (w/ Time-alignment/EQ & all).

        ECAf prolly is out of reach for me. Oh well, I can dream! :(
        Nov 14, 2017
      4. A1Gear
        But since my low-efficiency Speakers are the best that I currently have in my home atm...
        I'm thinking: Maybe just getting the Raggy might still be a good alternative to Af... for the Highs/Mids duties, in conjunction w/ a Vidar w/ one of the DSP/EQ boxes?

        Or just run it direct if budget won't allow it.

        But I still have some catching-up to do after a hiatus, on both the Aficionado & Raggy/Vidar Threads.
        Ty @Marvey!
        Nov 14, 2017
    14. A1Gear
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      2. Elnrik
        I like his dry humor too
        Nov 13, 2017
    15. A1Gear
      Is Newegg (direct) still the best/safest place to shop for: high-end PC parts? Anybody had some negative experience or got ripped-off there?
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      2. A1Gear
        Ehh, $20 for 3 months. I'm gonna try it—in case I want to avoid restocking fees & get free shipping—if defects arise, 'till Jan 31st deadline.

        I'm definitely hopping on that new "Intel Optane 900P" (PCIe) SSD for a Boot Drive & the "Limited" Special Edition Corsair RAM kit, just cause I'm gullible enough to want that fancy/silly shit, though I prolly won't ever notice much difference IRL or while gaming, either way.
        Nov 11, 2017
      3. insidious meme
        insidious meme
        I don't think I've had an issue with Newegg at all. Doesn't hurt that their warehouse is not too far from my place.
        Nov 11, 2017
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      4. A1Gear
        Alright, thank you fellas for the advice, Newegg it is!
        I'm gonna take the plunge and see how it all turns out & will report back (hopefully before New Year's) when it's all up & running!
        Y'all are more than welcome to chime in w/ any other advice & info! Thank you guys!

        BTW, here is my current Parts List, only 6 more parts left to Order, I saved the most expensive shit for last: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/wzNz2R
        Nov 11, 2017
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  • About

    Chicago, IL
    ●●● GAMING PC SETUP ●●●

    ● Intel Core i9-7900X (10-Cores) (4.5GHz) (Skylake-X) CPU
    ● Asus ROG Rampage VI Extreme (X299) (LGA-2066) MOBO
    ● EVGA GTX 1080 Ti KINGPIN (2025MHz) (11GB GDDR5X) GPU
    ● EVGA GTX 1080 Ti KINGPIN (2025MHz) (11GB GDDR5X) (SLI x2)
    ● Corsair 32GB Dom. Plat. (SE) Torque (DDR4-3200) (4x8GB) RAM
    ● Intel Optane 900P (480GB) (PCIe x4) (3D XPoint) (Primary/OS) SSD
    ● Samsung 850 PRO (1TB) (SATA-III) (Games/Media/Backups) SSD
    ● HGST DeskStar (16TB) (SATA-III) (4x 4TB) (Storage/Backups) HDD
    ● Corsair AX1600i (80 PLUS Ti) (All Primary Components) (1600W) PSU
    ● Corsair AX1500i (80 PLUS Ti) (18 Fans, 2 Pumps, 6 SATA Drives) PSU
    ● Lynx E44 (PCI-E) (4x AES3 & S/PDIF) Audio Interface CARD
    ● LG 12X SuperMulti (Blu-Ray & DVD) Reader/Burner DRIVE
    ● Microsoft Windows 10 Professional (64-bit) Operating System

    ● Noctua NF-A14 (iPPC-3000) (PWM) (140mm) Fan (x12)
    ● Noctua NF-F12 (iPPC-3000) (PWM) (120mm) Fan (x6)

    1. Water-Block (CPU) (1x): "EK-Supremacy EVO - Full Nickel"
    2. Radiator (45mm Thick) (1x): "EK-CoolStream CE 560 (Quad, 140mm)"
    3. Fans (140mm) (12x): "Noctua NF-A14 iPPC-3000 PWM"
    4. Fans (120mm) (6x): "Noctua NF-F12 iPPC-3000 PWM"
    5. Pumps (PWM) (3x): "PrimoChill Enhanced PWM (Laing) D5 Pump" (Backup) (2x Pumps, used in Serial w/ Dual D5 Pump-Top Volute)
    6. Pump-Volute (1x): "EK-XTOP Revo Dual D5 Serial" (Dual-Pump-Slot, Mounted at Case's Mid-Bottom w/ Rubber Clips/Plates)
    7. Cylindrical Reservoir (1x): "EK-RES X4 250 (R2.0)" (Borosilicate Glass Tube, Height: 250mm, Capacity: 850mL, w/ White LED Strip)
    8. Fittings/Tubing (???x): "Bitspower Silver-Shining Fittings (100% Fully-Modular Metal Loop)" (Core: Brass, Top-Layer: Nickel, Finish: Shiny-Silver) (Fittings: ???)
    9. Ball-Valve (Fill & Drain) Systems (???x): "Bitspower" (Fittings: ???)
    10. Temp Sensors (???x): "Bitspower" (Fittings: ???)
    11. Coolant Pre-Mix (4x): "PrimoChill Vue (UV Sky-Blue SX) Pre-Mix (32oz)"
    12. PWM Fan Hub/Splitter (5x): "SilverStone PWM Fan Hub/Splitter (CPF04)" (Controlled via: Asus Mobo BIOS & SpeedFan)
    13. Thermal Paste: "Arctic Silver 5 (Poly-Synthetic Silver)"

    ACER - XB271HU (27") (1440p) (165Hz) (IPS) (G-Sync)
    DELL - UP2716D (27") (1440p) (60Hz) (IPS) (10-bit)
    Ergotron LX (Full-Motion Wall Mount Arm System) (x3)

    Razer Firefly (Gaming Mouse Pad w/ Chroma Lighting)
    Thermaltake Galeru (Gaming Mouse Bungee)

    Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum (PMW3366) (Wireless) Mouse
    ● Logitech G703 LIGHTSPEED (PMW3366) (Wireless) Mouse
    ● Razer Mamba Chroma (16K DPI 5G Laser) (Wireless) Mouse
    ● Logitech MX Master (Darkfield Laser) (Wireless) Mouse
    ● Logitech G PRO Gaming (PMW3366) (Wired) Mouse
    Logitech G502 Proteus Core (Wired) Mouse

    ● Logitech G PRO Mechanical (Romer-G) (RGB) (TKL) Keyboard
    ● CM Storm NovaTouch (Hybrid Capacitive) (TKL) Keyboard
    ● Filco Majestouch 2 (Cherry MX Brown) (TKL) Keyboard
    ● Logitech G810 Mechanical (Romer-G) (RGB) Keyboard
    Logitech G13 Programmable (RGB LCD) Gameboard


    4K UHD-TV:
    SAMSUNG - UN55KS9000 (55") (4K-UHD) (60Hz) (HDR-10) SUHD-TV
    SANUS (HD-Pro XF228) (Full-Motion+) (TV Wall-Mount System)
    SONY - KDL-50W800B (50") (1080p) (60Hz) HDTV

    2.1ch SPEAKERS & SUB:
    ● The BMR Philharmonitor (3-Way, 4-Pole, Passive) (Bookshelf, Curved, Cherry w/ Grills) (x2) (Dedicated Stereo Pair)
    SVS Ultra (2-Way, 4-Pole, Passive) (Bookshelf, Piano Gloss Black w/ Grills) (x2) (Dedicated Front L&R Pair for 5.1ch)
    Klipsch RP-250F (2-Way, 4-Pole, Passive) (Tower, Ebony w/ Grills) (x2) (Backup Stereo Pair)
    Vanatoo T1 (2-Way, Digital, Powered) (Bookshelf, Cherry w/ Grills) (x2) (Extra Stereo Pair)
    Klipsch R-112SW 12" Powered Subwoofer (x1) (Sub L&R-RCA Wire Swap w/ LFE 5.1ch Wire)

    ● Schiit VIDAR (Balanced Power Amplifier) (30-lbs) (x2)
    (400 Watts-Per-Channel @ 8 Ω in Dual-Monoblock Mode)

    5.1ch SPEAKERS & SUB:

    SVS Ultra Center Speaker (x1) (Channel: Center)
    SVS Ultra Bookshelf Speakers (x2) (Channel: Front Left & Right)
    Klipsch RP-250F Tower Speakers (x2) (Channel: Rear Left & Right)
    Klipsch R-112SW 12" Powered Subwoofer (x1) (Channel: LFE)

    Emotiva XPA-5 Gen-2 (5 Channel Power Amplifier)
    (All-5ch-Driven = 200 Watts-Per-Channel @ 8 Ω) (70-lbs)

    Marantz AV-7703 (A&V Processor & DAC & Pre-Amp) (Primary)
    Marantz SR-7009 (A&V Receiver & DAC & Power-Amp) (Back-Up)

    ●●● AUDIO & VIDEO SETUP ●●●

    Sennheiser HD 800 (S) (Cardas Clear & Q-Audio XLR)
    Sennheiser HD 800 (Cardas Clear & Q-Audio XLR)
    Audeze LCD-3 (Cardas Clear & Q-Audio XLR)
    HiFiMAN HE-6 (Q-Audio French Silk XLR)
    Sennheiser HD 650 (Q-Audio French Silk XLR)
    Sennheiser HD 600 (Q-Audio French Silk XLR)
    Philips Fidelio X2
    AKG K712 PRO

    ● Schiit MJOLNIR 2 (w/ LISST) (Balanced Amplifier)
    Schiit JOTUNHEIM (Balanced Amplifier)
    HeadAmp GS-X MK-2 (Balanced Amplifier)
    Bryston BHA-1 (Balanced Amplifier)
    Creative SB X7 (LE) (Amplifier)


    Coleman Audio MS6R (1x6) (XLR Output Switcher)
    ● Jensen Iso-Max PC-2XR (XLR to RCA Transformer)
    ● Neutrik NADITBNC-MX (BNC to AES Ω Transformer)
    ProCo SwitchWitch (1x4) (XLR Output Switcher)

    ● Kramer VS-4X (4x1) (XLR Input Switcher)

    Schiit FREYA (Tube-Gain / Passive / JFET-SS-Buffer) (Balanced Pre-Amp)
    (Remote Controlled) (Octal LISST Quads & 6SN7 Tung-Sol NP Quads)
    ● Schiit SAGA (Tube-Gain / Passive) (Horizontally Bi-Amped) (SE Pre-Amp)
    (Remote Controlled) (Octal LISST Single & 6SN7 Tung-Sol NP Single)

    Schiit YGGDRASIL (Analog V2) (Gen 5 USB) (Balanced DAC)
    ● Schiit YGGDRASIL (Analog V1) (Gen 3 USB) (Balanced DAC)
    Schiit GUNGNIR (MultiBit) (Gen 5 USB) (Balanced DAC)
    OPPO BDP-105 Multimedia Player (Balanced DAC)
    Creative SB X7 (LE) (5.1ch PreAmp & SE DAC)

    ● Smyth Research - Realiser A16 (Decoder / Processor / Emulator)

    ● Lynx E44 (PCI-E) (4x AES3 & S/PDIF) Audio Interface Card

    ● iFi iPurifier (S/PDIF Coax <to> Optical) Converter & Filter

    ● Schiit EITR (Gen 5 USB to S/PDIF Coax) (ESD & EMI Isolation)
    ● Corning USB v3 I/O Optical Data Cable (EMI/RF Isolator)
    ● Turtle Beach Audio Advantage Micro II (USB-to-S/PDIF)
    ● ViewHD (H2HARCi) Audio Extractor (HDMI-to-S/PDIF)
    ● Kensington UH7000C (7-Port Powered USB 3.0 Hub)
    ● Schiit WYRD (USB to USB DDC Interface)

    Cooler Master COSMOS II (Custom-Built) (X299) PC
    Nvidia Shield Pro [500GB] (Multimedia Player)
    OPPO BDP-105 (Blu-ray / Multimedia Player)
    ● Sony - PlayStation 4 Pro [1TB] Console
    Microsoft - Xbox One X [1TB] Console


    ● Samsung T5 Portable SSD [2TB] (USB 3.1 Gen2)
    ● Western Digital My Book HDD [4TB] (USB 3.0)
    ● HGST Deskstar NAS HDD [16TB] (4x 4TB)


    ● Furman P-2400 AR (True RMS Auto Voltage Regulation)
    (SMP & LiFT & EVS) (20A) (2400-Watts) (39-lbs)
    ● Furman P-2400 IT (Symmetrically Balanced AC Power)
    (SMP & LiFT & EVS) (20A) (2400-Watts) (90-lbs)
    ● APC (SURTA2200XL) (Double-Conversion Online) (UPS)
    (Pure Sine-Wave) (RT) (2.2kVA) (1.6kW) (61-lbs)

    ● Herman-Miller Envelop Desk w/ Dual Stage Electric
    Motors & Hydraulic Lifts - Height/Depth/Angle Adjustable
    ● Herman-Miller Embody Chair w/ Carbon Balance Fabric
    w/ Custom-made Articulating Leather (Pillow) Headrest
    ● Ekornes Stressless Dream Reclining Office Chair w/
    Royalin Amarone Leather & Walnut Wood Sides & Base
    ● Scandinavian Designs - Annua Work Table (Cherry)
    ● Scandinavian Designs - Arrosa Power Motion Recliner
    ● Sanus (SFA29B) 6-Shelf Glass & Metal Equipment Rack
    ● Sanus (EFA31-B1) Euro Series Modular Equipment Rack (x3)
    ● TaoTronics (Metal) LED Desk Lamp (Model: TT-DL16) (x2)


    ● BTG / Q-Audio (Q French Silk) XLR Cable & Adapters
    ● Blue Jeans Cable Speaker Wire (x5)
    ● Blue Jeans Cable RCA Interconnects (x5)
    ● Blue Jeans Cable Subwoofer Cable (x1)
    ● Mediabridge ULTRA Series HDMI Cables (x5)
    ● Accell UltraAV DisplayPort 1.2 Cables (x4)
    ● AudioQuest (Diamond) USB Cable (x1)
    ● AudioQuest (Colorado) Analog XLR Interconnects (x2)
    ● AudioQuest (Big Sur) 3.5mm-to-RCA Interconnects (x3)
    ● AudioQuest (Cinnamon) Cat-7 Ethernet Cable (x1)
    ● AudioQuest (VDM-1) Digital Coaxial Cable (x1)
    ● AudioQuest (Cinnamon) Digital Toslink Cable (x1)
    ● Mogami (Gold) (Neglex Star Quad) (Neutrik XLR) (x21)
    ● Mogami (Gold) AES/EBU Cable (Neutrik XLR) (x2)
    ● Mogami (Gold) S/PDIF Digital Cable (RCA) (x1)


    DOWN: 360mb/s & UP: 30mb/s
    MODEM #1: Netgear CM600 (24 & 8 Bonded Channels)
    MODEM #2: Arris (SB-6183) (16 & 4 Bonded Channels)
    ROUTER #1: Asus (RT-AC88U) (Hardwired) 8-Port LAN
    ROUTER #2: D-Link (DGL4500) (Hardwired) 4-Port LAN
    SWITCH: TP-Link (TL-SG108) 8-Port Gigabit Switch
    CABLES: Tera Grand (CAT-7 Gigabit) Ethernet Cables

    Whynter ARC-131GD (Portable AC) (13,000 BTU)
    Toyotomi TAD-T40LW (AC & Heat-Pump) (14,000 BTU)

    ● Intel Core i7-980X (3.8GHz) (6-Core) CPU
    ● EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti (Classified) GPU
    ● Asus ROG Rampage 3 Extreme [X58] MOBO
    ● Corsair (12GB) Dominator Platinum (DDR3) RAM
    ● Samsung (500GB) 850 EVO (OS & Storage) SSD

    ●●● WISHLISTS FOR 2018 ●●●

    1. Smyth Realiser A16
    2. Schiit RAGNAROK V2 (Remote Control & Tube-like Output Stage) Speaker/HP/Pre Amplifier
    3. Schiit VIDAR V2 (25W in Class-A in Stereo Mode) (200W in Class-A/B into 4Ω in Mono Mode) Speaker Amplifier
    4. Acer Predator X27 (&) Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ (27") (4K-UHD) (144Hz) (IPS) (G-SYNC) (HDR-10) (ULMB) (QDEF) (384-Zone FALD) (10-Bit)
    5. Acer Predator BFGD (&) Asus ROG Swift PG65 (65") (4K-UHD) (120Hz) (IPS) (G-SYNC) (HDR-10) (ULMB) (QDEF) (FALD) (10-Bit) (DisplayHDR 1000) (w/ NVIDIA SHIELD)
    1. God of War 4
    2. Red Dead Redemption 2
    3. Borderlands 3
    4. The Last of Us: Part II
    5. Spider-Man
    6. Death Stranding
    7. Days Gone
    8. Ghost of Tsushima
    9. Metro Exodus
    10. Cyberpunk 2077
    11. Starfield (Bethesda)
    12. Left For Dead 3
    13. Dead Island 2
    14. Detroit: Become Human
    15. Halo 6
    16. Gears of War 5
    17. Fable 4
    18. Crackdown 3
    19. State of Decay 2
    20. Sea of Thieves
    21. Far Cry 5
    22. Beyond Good & Evil 2
    23. A Way Out
    24. Anthem
    25. Gears of War 3 (Horde)


    Like the fire that cast light on the walls of the cave, the human condition is forever bound to the impressions that are received through the senses.