FS: Metrum Amethyst NOS DAC - $600 total

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by klyrish, Oct 12, 2019.

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    Despite what others will say on this site, I do think the Amethyst is a good introduction to the NOS sound...just not at full retail price. The DAC is in great shape aside from one cosmetic scuff on the side (last picture shows it) and one of the screws on the side panel being stripped and sticking out slightly. Neither impacts performance in any way.

    These pictures are from the listing I made on US Audio Mart.

    I'm looking for $600 total, including PayPal fees and UPS shipping to the continental US.

    EDIT: If it's available, I'm also happy to include a Behringer U-Control UA202 adapter and Amazon Basics optical cable with this (assuming the Gungnir doesn't sell and/or the buyer doesn't want it). I haven't used it but according to everyone, Metrum's USB implementation is terrible.

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