FS: Beyer DT990 - Cardas Recable - 10 ft.

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    DT990s in pristine condition (used about 50 hours or so) recabled with Cardas 4x24 which does a fantastic job eliminating that annoying sibilance in the upper midrange, making them more balanced sounding, but still nice and bassy.

    The cable is 10 feet, all internal wiring has been replaced. Buying the raw wire from Cardas would run ~$200 alone. If you'd like the 1/4" swapped out for a balanced 4 pin XLR I can do that free of charge. The headphone is internally balanced unlike a stock unit and is much sturdier than the new ones they are producing.

    Price includes shipping in the CONUS.


    Beyer_DT990_Cardas_Cable.jpg Beyer_DT990_Cardas_Cable_2.jpg Beyer_DT990_Cardas_Cable_3.jpg

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