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  1. internethandle
    Sonore has appealed the least to me out of the crop of computer audio/transport tweak-y companies (SOtM, JCAT, Pink Faun, Uptone Audio, etc.). Some of it is the Sonore dude acting like a dick to other manufacturers on forums, some of it is too many products that usually are moar better $$$ iterations of previous products, some of it is reliability issues like yours.
    Dec 30, 2023
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  2. SoupRKnowva
    I dunno anything about drama from the "dude" but ive never had a problem with mine. But I also only use it in MPD mode, thats actually the only reason I bought it cause it offered that.
    Dec 30, 2023
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  3. sheldaze
    The sound is worth the effort, but I had to go to forums to find the right sequence of menus to click. I assume you got it working @Ksaurav402
    Jan 5, 2024
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  4. Ksaurav402
    @sheldaze yes, it’s working fine now. Has been rock solid once it started working.
    Jan 5, 2024
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