Bookshelf Speakers for Nearfield Setup

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Saiph, Jan 6, 2020.

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    Welcome back to all and Happy New Year.
    I hope to find some useful advice for my search for the best passive bookshelf speakers for my desktop, the room where they will be placed is a square of 16sqm and I will use 80cm high floor supports in order to have the tweeter at the height of the ear and form a classic isosceles triangle, the distance from the back will be about 20-30cm, so listening will be to the nearfield, after a long search lasting about two years I would already have some solutions but I'm still confused because I can't do any listening tests in my environment with each type of speaker, at the bottom of the page I will list my preferences, but I would like some advice on a specific model suited to my tastes, I prefer a low present but agile controlled but a good punch, a sweet midrange without being harsh and too much in the face but that makes me distinguish male and female voices well, because I watch many films but also soundtracks, music and video games, I want the high frequencies not to ab they are whistling and not too bright but which retain a good degree of detail so as to have a good separation of the instruments, I prefer a sound that is more on the neutral warm side of the spectrum, I also like good power and dynamics but with control especially in the low frequencies as I said before, in the future I will most likely also add a subwoofer. I already have the amplifier Denon PMA-720AE.

    I also wanted to add some technical assumptions about the integration of two separate units of woofer and tweeter and their tuning, is it possible that at short distances it is possible to distinguish the sounds of each unit separately? I don't want the sound to be replicated in a confused way, I don't generally know how engineers work on their crossovers if they have a generic guideline regardless of the type of brand, but I have the vague feeling that they should make sure to integrate the two units so as to carry out the task in unison by dispersing the sound evenly, does the use of concentric designs in environments in the near field turn into a real advantage?

    Thank you all for your help and sorry for my bad english :p

    Dali Spektor 2
    Dali Zensor 3
    Dynaudio Emit M10
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    Greetings! There it’s a great topic about nearfield in the forum. You can find it using the super search. I recently demoed a pair of super alnico 6”” monitors and I was really really Impressed with them. But maybe they are voiced differently from the Dalis. I have a pair of genelec 8050, and thought they were better than my genelec. There are a lot of bias nevertheless, and room it’s the most important .

    Nice to see some Italian mates here

    Tchau amigo

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