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    Yeah, this was a deal breaker for me when I auditioned it. The degree of fidgeting this thing requires to make any changes within the UI is off-putting, at best, and utterly annoying, at worst. Yes, you do get used to the color indicators once you become accustomed to the sequence of things, but you still have to pay attention to what you're clicking and how many times. I got sick of it pretty quickly. Definitely not something you can do on the fly.

    The DSP does what is intended, though it didn't pan out for what I was "hoping" it would do for my LCD-X. The upper mid-range shelf filter did not address the problematic frequency range, so it didn't do enough for me to deem worthy of keeping. Likewise, the crossfeed was meh to me. Definitely a better crossfeed than many versions of it out there (more pronounced), but again, it just wasn't doing enough to keep.

    Honestly, I think the Mojo2 really is intended for IEMs or lo-Z headphones only. Even with the LCD-X, which is very sensitive and easy to drive, turning up the volume to louder levels did introduce some stridency and lose a bit of control on the upper frequencies. I could see it not really working well for higher-Z headphones....just not enough juice.

    And you seem to experience this unit as I did: PRaT monster, wonderful macrodynamic control, and brings life and energy to the music. However, you won't find much in terms of tone and timbre - it's a pretty neutral and cold-leaning presentation from the upper mids-on up.
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    Yeah, since you pointed in that direction I grabbed the SR60x out of the banishment box, and holy hell I don't think I've ever heard these sound better. It's the first time I've heard a solo violin sound like a violin on these and not a cheese grater across my brain. I dialed in a touch of treble reduction and set crossfeed on low, and I'm actually listening to these voluntarily. Don't get me wrong, they're still bright, but it's actually a controlled brightness now.

    On the Elegia, dialing the 3k shelf up to maximum and the 20k peak down to minimum seems to work OK as a crude EQ to fix the 3k suck-out in its response. With that in place, the Mojo 2 seems to fit the character of the Focals well. Given more time I could probably adjust this further, but I've got the Dekoni Stellia pads coming and will revisit this when those arrive.

    The only thing that really stands out as strange is how the Deva Pro at 18Ω just didn't work. It wasn't bad, but I've definitely heard it sound better.

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