Correcting iTunes Audio Quality

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    Correcting iTunes Audio Quality

    I recently discovered an issue with iTunes audio output when I was setting up a raspberry pi and roon. I've been listening mainly via an iMac with iTunes (lossless files) - Bifrost - CTH/Gilmore Lt Mk 2 and was enjoying the sound. It wasn't until I played the same audio files through the Roon Pi that I noticed how good it sounded. It was startling how open and dynamic the sound was. Switching back to the iMac/iTunes, the music was just congested, flat and dull in comparison.

    I thought maybe it was the USB output, but the Bifrost has Gen 5. I decided to try optical out of the iMac and it sounded the same as the USB out. Frustrated, I started looking at picking up an Eitr but decided to search the interwebs for information.

    Thankfully I mananged to find a solution. For some reason, the iTunes EQ plist file can get "corrupted." Not to the point of not working, but enough that the sound suffers greatly.

    the Fix:
    - Close iTunes
    - Delete the "~>Library>Preferences>" file
    - restart iTunes and it will rebuild this file.
    - Enjoy better sounding music.

    Hope this helps someone else.
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