Fostex TH-X00 Purp vs Denon D7000

Discussion in 'Audio Science' started by JBoogie, Aug 21, 2016.

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    The cans
    The rig
    TH-X00 dist
    D7000 dist
    Step IR
    TH-X00 decay
    D7000 decay
    TH-X00 waterfall
    D7000 waterfall

    I have been measuring bunch of my headphones now that I got a setup that is pretty consistent. I just got the fostex this week and I figured I would post what I got. The thx00 have around 30hrs on them and the d7000 have unknown amount of hrs on them. It was much easier to get a good seal with the denons because of the pads, the opening is larger and the pads are softer(probably from use). The measurements above are the best of many, many measurements taken using 128k length with 8 sweeps per run. I am very new to the measuring process so any advice for improving future measurements or postings is welcome.
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