[FS] Custom LFF Paradox Slants, 450€

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Dr J, Sep 16, 2018 at 9:59 AM.

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    Bought 11/2014 from LFF, shipped to Finland and with customs price was 890€.

    Custom (i.e. not the starving student) version, tasteful all black color scheme, re-wired to two mini-xlr connectors for the cables.

    Very comfortable, nice suspension and not too much clamp. Sound open for closed cans. Bass bumb. Isolation fairly good.

    Further info on sound:

    Selling as I do not need office phones currently and the bass emphasis is a bit too much for me based on my current preferences.

    Bass response depends on the amp and the pads. Can be toned down a bit with e.g. latest HM5 pads which I will include in addition to the original Alpha pads.

    In a good shape, have been used very little, as I ended up preferring other phones (latest the standard Paradox) in the office and LFF's Enigma at home.

    Price: Paypal 450€ net to me plus insured shipping with tracking.

    At this stage restricting to Friends and shipping inside EU only (to avoid customs fees and hassle). Will offer later to a more general audience if no interest with these restrictions.

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