FS: HD800 balanced cable - ADL iHP-35Hx-XLR

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    Hi, I'm selling my Alpha Design Labs(ADL) iHP-35Hx-XLR cable in excellent condition.

    ADL is a subsidiary of Furutech, and iHP-35Hx-XLR is ADL's flagship balanced cable for the HD800. It uses cryo-treated OCC copper wire and comes with Furutech's most expensive rhodium carbon fiber plugs for both ends.

    I won't really comment on its sound as I had no other balanced cable to compare it to. I've used it with my DNA Stratus/HD800 for about 2 months, and all I can say is that driving the HD800 balanced with iHP-35Hx-XLR sounded better than driving it single-ended with the stock cable.

    Price for a new cable is $431. I'm selling it for $250.

    Please send me a PM if interested.
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