FS: Mr. Speakers Ether C Flow & Cavalli Liquid Carbon

Discussion in 'Closed (Archived) Sales' started by Derf, Sep 14, 2018.

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    Ether C Flow: $1000. These are in excellent condition with less than 50 hours on the new drivers. Includes original packaging and DUM balanced and single-ended cables.

    Cavalli Liquid Carbon: $300. This is from the first run, so what I understand is that you shouldn't have something plugged into both outputs simultaneously. I haven't tried that so I haven't had a problem with it. Didn't originally include power cable, but I used a simple $15 one. Does not have original packaging, but will be packed nicely.

    These two have been a good pair for a good while now, but I haven't used them much since getting a ZDS. Pics can be uploaded later tonight if desired.

    Limiting this to non-randos for now. Prices include shipping to CONUS.
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