Guidelines for DIY headphone?

Discussion in 'DIY' started by 7seven, Dec 29, 2020.

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    Sorry if this has been discussed before, when searching I came across a lot of people sharing their DIY designs, but not much WRT the actual design process.

    The wide availablility of 3d printing has probably sparked interest in DIY HPs for a lot of people,
    but the bigger obstacle in my mind has always been the driver... I was unaware that any good OEM drivers for DIY fullsize HPs existed until hearing about HPD-50N25PR00-32 in the LTA HP thread.
    Not only was this driver good enough to use in a few mid/high-end headphones, it's super cheap, cheaper than most of those sketchy generic aliexpress drivers even.

    Basically I have a headband+yokes off a pair of beyerdynamics that I want to print some custom cups/baffles to house these new drivers.
    I think something fully open-back would be the most foolproof, so it would basically just be designing a baffle for the driver.
    When I look at the Aurorus Borealis it is the exact sort of thing I was imagining, it even looks likes its parts are 3d printed.
    Is it too optimisitic to believe that I will end up with a rough Borealis clone by making a similar copy of its baffle or is HP enclosure design a fine science?

    But making a new baffle from scratch would be pretty interested too, I would be interested in learning if there any simple guidelines from baffle/HP design.

    EDIT: After scraping together bits and pieces on info based on existing HP designs it seems like the baffle will be a very critical area, having an open plastic frame for the baffle (like most headphones do) hopefully makes the baffle material itself the major influence, so different baffle materials can be tested on this frame without having to 3d print a new one.
    For the frame that holds the baffle and driver Im hoping some parallels can be drawn from speaker design, as there is plenty of info (and lots of debate) on design of speaker cabinets.

    Found an excellent article on it :
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