icOn 4 PRO autoformer preamp

Discussion in 'Preamps' started by Josh Schor, Apr 29, 2024.

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    this is the second one that I have owned, the first was SE only and I wanted a Bal and SE input and output. Both outputs are active and you choose which input your using for an apple remote, has a balance, night litem mute and input choice. Comparisons, well the only thing I have owned that is in the same leauge is the EVS attenuators which I stupidly sold, they plugged into the rca jacks on your amp.
    What it does very well- space very big, what ever was recorded, fantastic attact and tone. It is very relaxed theres no grain, if the music is really big and bold thats what you get. I listen to a lot of scandinavian trio jazz, very spacious it just opens up well everything, the tone of well recorded acoustic intruments is just beautifyl.
    What it does bad- nothing that I can find. One of its great qualitys is that it plays well with any amp, some autoformers and regular preamps have trouble with certain impedencies this one does not.
    I sold my other one toan SBAF member, sorry cannot remember who it was. If I remeber correctly he said he listened for a few minutes and decided it was not for him, not sure what he did not like. icon.jpg icon 2.jpg

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