Lego Ferrari F1 Race Team

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    I figure I'd post some light content before getting to the TOTL Sony Z1R headphone in the next few days. This is the real authentic Lego set, not a Lepin knock off. So much easier on the fingers! I still follow Formula 1 racing, but not as much since the days where teams running Michelin tires would chicken out at the Indy race course for fear of the tires exploding. These guys in the modern are bunch of wimps. Even the cautious Niki Lauda would have insisted on racing with those tires. F1 fans should see the 2013 movie Rush. I usually hate Ron Howard films, but he did a good job here.

    I believe this Ferrari set came out a few years ago, when Alonso and Raikkonen were still with Ferrari. I wanted this set when it came out; but being that Ferrari probably extracts $20 for each set sold, it was always too expensive. That is until last X-mas when ToysRUs had this on super special.

    DSC_1703 (Medium).JPG

    Bags of part are numbered. No sorting required at all.
    DSC_1707 (Medium).JPG
    DSC_1708 (Medium).JPG

    Those other Ferrari cars don't come with the set. They are part of the Lego Speed Champions series.
    DSC_1733 (Medium).JPG
    DSC_1735 (Medium).JPG

    We can see the alternate front wing in the upper left, mounting onto the roof of the truck. Haha: the onset of the crazy aero era of F1.
    DSC_1740 (Medium).JPG
    DSC_1741 (Medium).JPG

    Just had an idea: Lego should release a Knight Rider version of this truck with Michael Knight and KITT. The Pontiac Trans Am version from the 80s, not the Mustang version.
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