Loaner: Stanford Research Systems SR1 Audio Analyzer

Discussion in 'Closed Loaners' started by ultrabike, Sep 24, 2022.

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    Hi guys! Long time no seen.

    So I'm putting an SR1 Audio Analyzer as a long term loaner. This is not mine, but Schiit's and as such Jason would have to approve this.

    Here is how it kind of looks like:

    and specifications:

    As the specifications say the unit is:
    Dimensions 17" × 8.5 " × 20.25 " (WHD)
    Weight 40 lbs.
    So about 3 times smaller and 10 times lighter than your headphone amp.

    It is only local pickup. Which means Irvine CA.

    This is listed as a loaner. If however someone wants to buy it. Contact Jason and let me know.
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