Mangird Tea - a few impressions

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    My ER4 SR Etymotics gave up a few months ago so I've been looking for a replacement for some time. Wanted something with bass with some impact that the Etys lacked but still linear ish. Isolation is also important for me since I listen mostly in my living room when my wife sees some show on the telly.

    Reading a lot here to try to narrow all alternatives down somewhat, also comparing prices since I live in Europe and all American alternatives get punished with taxes. So some were simply not that strong.

    To cut a long story short I started chasing my own tail and was more confused than enlighted comparing views. I was on the brink of ordering a 64 audio 12t when I saw a youtube review of the Mangird comparing it to the 12t stating that it was on the same level sound wise I jumped. Saved me 1700 us

    I have no idea if the Mangird Tea offers a sound on parity of the 12t but I can say the the are very neutral, just i tiny bit warm in the low bass. Mids are clear to my ears with no, or very little BA sound.

    Ergonomics is fine and they very little power, not at all lika the Etys.

    Cant find any cons for this IEM


    This is a measurement for them but I cant say how it was perfomed - sorry


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