New Campfire Audio 2020 Earphones

Discussion in 'Bloom Audio' started by Bloom, May 15, 2020.

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    What's up, guys. Been a while since I've posted here. Yesterday, Campfire Audio released three new earphones – an updated Solaris, an updated Andromeda, and a new model called Ara. The first two are available and shipping now. Ara is expected mid June.

    I did a little "first look" video yesterday:

    My colleague Steve wrote up a first impressions article:
    As well as a review of the Ara itself:

    It's only been a couple days that we've been listening to them in our office, but we've been really digging all three.

    Anyway, this is this most exciting new release of products that we've had in a while, so I just wanted to share some of our impressions on them so far. Hope y'all are doing well.


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