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Discussion in 'Bloom Audio' started by Bloom, Nov 15, 2019.

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    Hey friends. Just a quick November / Holiday season update. We recently started carrying HIFIMAN which I'm pretty excited about. The SUNDARA in particularly has surprised me with a pretty great tonal accuracy and level of detail. I've heard it was recently revised, I'm not sure, never heard an older version...but it's dang good for $349.

    And just yesterday, we started carrying the RAAL-requisite SR1a. Spent a couple hours with it earlier. WOW. Quite impressive. Got a little choked up listening to some Hans Zimmer if I can be honest with you.

    Lastly, through the rest of the year, we'll be offering free 2-Day shipping for orders under $500 and free overnight for orders over $500. Discount code is HOLIDAYSHIPPING.

    As always, feel free to message me if there's any way I can help out. ✌️
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