Objective2 in-house measurements

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    Not using best in class equipment to test an amplifier, but this could be a good in-house method after all...at least for me: PicoScope 2204A. The generator is the built-in one, not perfectly flat across all frequencies, but at least I can check what I need.

    DUT: Objective2 with OPA1652 in VAS and 2xNJM4556 in buffer.

    Sine-waves measure about perfect (tested with audiocheck.net sine-waves but also with scope's built-in generator), so I'll choose the square-waves for the below test.
    - Probe A (blue) is the signal generator.
    - Probe B (red) is headphones output of O2 (left channel if I remember correctly, however, both measure the same way)

    Square @10Hz, 1V RMS

    Square @20Hz, 1V RMS

    Square @1kHz, 1V RMS

    Square @10kHz, 1V RMS

    Square @20kHz, 1V RMS

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