Perforated/punctured silicone IEM tip mod

Discussion in 'Modifications and Tweaks' started by Bill-P, May 19, 2017.

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    Effect: who knows? It's probably all placebo. But for me, less ear pressure even with a proper seal, so less stuffy/pressurized while same isolation if you're careful enough.

    Step 1: invert your IEM tip

    Step 2: use a hole puncher (I use one for belts that has multiple different sizes) to poke some holes in the rear end.
    Note: make sure to not get too close to the front as that may create a seal leak and drop bass, try to get as close to the rear as possible.

    You can poke as many as you like, but for me, I prefer 2 with Andromeda.

    Step 3: punch holes in the front part as well (I end at around 4).
    NoteL: again, don't get too close to the opening of the tip or you'll create a seal leakage

    Holes! I prefer 4 of these with Andromeda, but you can certainly poke more depending on your use.

    Step 4: invert them again and they should look... hacky. :)

    ...and kinda more "transparent" than before?

    Step 5: fit them onto your IEM and enjoy!

    Posting this now since I took photos and stuffs, and just in case I sleep too much next week and forget to post it.

    As always, happy modding, folks! :)

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