Replacement Acrylic Dust Covers - Vendor Found!

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    I was going to tell an introductory story, but I thought, "Why waste members' time sifting through my second-rate prose?"

    IF you are looking for a replacement dust cover for your vintage (or otherwise) turntable, I found a vendor on eBay that appears to do good work. I ordered a replacement for my Kenwood KD-2070, and it arrived today. Installation was a snap - the dust cover's pre-drilled holes were PERFECTLY placed. I had the old one off and the new one on in about 5 minutes. I'd share photos, but I no longer use Flickr, and I haven't bothered to set up Imgur... lol

    Vendor Name: JnB Audio
    Vendor eBay Profile Link:
    Vendor Feedback: 2,264, 100% positive.
    Other info: My dust cover was shipped out of Sparta, MI. Packaging was first rate. Vendor claims <1% breakage due to shipping. Some models are kept in stock (mine was). Others may be custom, which would mean longer wait times. My cover took 3 days by FedEx. Vendor shipped 1 or 2 days after payment was received. Vendor responds timely to eBay messages. Cost includes shipping.

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    I also saw VPI, Technics, Luxman, Mitsubishi. He's got more than I can remember or list!

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