RPi 3 Roon endpoint with Hifiberry HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro XLR

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    I build it one months ago not having any balanced DAC to test my JBL LS305. It worked well with those, I got very good results with two NUFORCE HA-200 monoblocks, and even better when I tried it with my friend's Jotunheim. Since then I got Cambridge DacMagic for a basement price and have no need for this one.

    For Friends and contributors the price is $125
    Anyone else will be charged $140 which is just the sum of parts: RPi 3, DAC+ Pro +, and Hifiberry metal case, The last I had to buy from Hifiberry with $15 shipment fee.
    Shipment extra I will pay paypal fees.

    What else:
    It runs from any 5V 2.5 Amp PSU, easily modifiable for separate power to DAC
    Wi-fi is disabled, you can enable it (Hifiberry forum) but is detrimental to SQ
    Connect it to the network and Roon core will recognize it right away.

    Micro SD with Hifiberry Roon endpoint is free, of course you can use any other OS for RPi that supports DAC+ Pro XLR

    And please forgive me my photography
    IMAG0896.jpg IMAG0897.jpg
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