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    Bonjour audio friends!

    I'd like to introduce my humble workshop and store to you all. It is called and we design and manufacture headphone parts, accessories and mods, currently with the focus on Grado Labs headphones.
    We make aluminum gimbals and rodblocks set for Grado (our biggest hit):,
    wooden cups:,
    and leather headbands:
    At some point this year we're also planning on releasing an alternative to Grado foam earpads, that hopefully will be more comfortable and durable (I'm currently prototyping them and early measurements look promising).
    Custom drivers and full headphone builds are also on the way.
    We also do complex and custom headphone mods, including building headphones from a scratch using Symphones, Nhoord or Elleven Acoustica drivers.

    After we'll complete the Grado parts line-up, we want to focus on bigger cans, including Beyerdynamic, Fostex/Denon, Sennheiser and Hifiman. The aim is to become a one-stop shop for headphone diyers, modders and tinkerers.

    I will gladly accept any feedback or insight. Maybe there already are some users of our stuff here?

    All the best to y'all

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