[SOLD] SBAF Priced Mutec 3+USB & HD650 Cardas

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    I am selling these items because I need to finance another project. I will most certainly be repurchasing the Mutec sometime in the future.

    1) Mutec MC-3+ SmartClock USB. Purchased new from Markertek about two months ago. Condition is excellent; it looks like new, all connectors are very solid.

    This is a fantastic converter that destroys every other USB gadget I've owned, with the exception of the Sonore MicroRendu. Its sonic improvements over a straight USB connection to the Gungnir Multibit, and now Yggdrasil, were immediately noticeable as constituting significant improvements in my system nothing short of revelatory for me. In agreement with several slightly insane owners of uRendu and Rednet AOIP transports, I absolutely prefer the uRendu with the Mutec in the chain as it acts as an outstanding clocker that allows me to exploit the Yggdrasil's AES (formerly the Gungnir Multibit's BNC) inputs, which I think are superior to direct USB. This is why I plan to repurchase this device in the future.

    Price: $725 + shipping/PP. I will pay for shipping insurance myself, which means the buyer's item is insured but at my cost. All original packaging and accessories are, of course, included.

    2) Venus Audio HD650/HD600/HD580 aftermarket cardas cable, 8 feet. The same cable maker our own Sorrodje uses for his beloved HD800; enough said! Very high quality build, sturdy cables that uses Furutech 1/4 inch plug. Thankfully not overpriced either. This cable can feel slightly heavy, as a result of its very sturdy build and protective sleeving (see pictures).

    Price: $25 + shipping/PP. This item will be insured at my expense.

    Thank you.

    (Pictures for the Mutec to be uploaded by this evening)

    Posters with at least Friend status are preferred. Would also prefer to ship the Mutec CONUS only but this is negotiable as long as buyer pays shipping and fees.

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