Sonnet Pasithea DAC Review and Measurements

Discussion in 'Digital: DACs, USB converters, decrapifiers' started by purr1n, Jun 17, 2022.

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    At $6k for a secondary DAC, that's a hard sell.
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    Well, the way I see if is that I have three tonearms on two turntables. One of them is roughly the same cost of as the Sonnet DAC. As I meet more vinul nutjobs, I am finding out that it's not uncommon for us to own multiple tables and cartridges. I figure the same approach can be applied to DACs. Perhaps the one DAC fits all approach isn't the best way given audiophiles' propensity to be unhappy or search for gear with that offers a particular interpretation.

    The differences I see are that while TT setups can have flavors, no setup will be genre restricted. We can take @brencho's Garrard, @shaizada's purple beast, or my Classic 4 (either arm), and they will all sound correct, that is be competent in reproducing anything from speed-metal to country to pop to orchestral.

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