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    Quick disclaimer: By no any means i represent or hold any kind of relationship with the owner of the app (besides i think its great)...

    So... looking up for what would be my next software setup in my digital chain i stumbled upon this cool iOS app:

    Glider Audio (<- link)

    Dont know why this app was so hard to found (maybe they need some SEO help), I felt the need to share it.

    So... what it does? Just connect to itunes, dlna or mpd libraries, and streams them in any media renderer that you have (ios phone/ipad, chromecast, google homes, mpd itself, any dlna renderer or itunes). UI is super clean and well thought out...

    I have been toying with this for a week... and for 10 bucks for the full version, this is awesome... considering that most of the other stuff that i need to set up my digital chain is either opensource or freeware).

    The guys behind the app are cool too.. receptive of feedback and helpful AF.

    Cheers and sorry for the bad english (not native)...
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