Talk me off the ledge, or, a discussion of 300B topologies for newbs

Discussion in 'Power Amps' started by yotacowboy, Dec 15, 2019.

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    I know I could probably go off the deep end in DIYAudio forums and probably get more confused than elucidated, but here's my conundrum: I'm considering building an AN Kits Mentor power amp. They're not out yet, officially, so nobody knows what the actual circuit is, but what I'm interested in is feedback on the basic circuits that AN UK seems to employ in chunks in their kit gear, which is easy enough to ascertain through the build manuals.

    Is this old-timey trash? Or is there something to the special sauce that AN fans seem to love? There's a part of my materials and production techniques geek inside that jives with the fact that AN makes (or has the capacity to make) every last bit of the stuff they sell to a degree that's beyond what any reasonable manufacturer would deem remotely necessary; it's an extraordinary amount of dedication to craft. Anyhow, someone please tell me these circuits are garbage and merely a collection of overpriced parts.
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