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    Black Friday is here and we are running a bunch of sales. Deals on our website but also available through phone/email/PM here on SBAF.


    Raal SR1a for $3149 this weekend!

    Ultimate Ears has a bunch of discounts on their top of the line CIEMs

    Some wireless Sennheisers for less

    AAW x Shozy Pola and Pola 39 for 20% off

    20% off all in stock Shanling

    New/Demo Westone IEMs

    Chord Price Drops

    And then lastly, open-box/demo models
    Stax SR-007 mk2, customer returned unit, Less than 1 week of ownership. $1700 Shipped

    ENIGMAcoustic Athena A1, showroom demo model, $1490 shipped.

    Dan Clark Audio Aeon open and closed. Our showroom demo models

    The Source AV Design Group
    3035 Kashiwa St., Suite 101
    Torrance, CA. 90505
    [email protected]

    We also sell 2-channel and home theater stuff, feel free to inquire about that!

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