Three DACs out, two DACs in

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    In the last two weeks, a week really, I sold all the DACs I owned . I bought two new: for the main setup and for my desk.
    Big part of the decision was my increasing use of Tidal, and the discovery that I could build myself a pretty silent and clean computer source without spending tons of money.
    But the most important was the time spent on SBAF, learning to critically listen, and in a way understand what I am hearing. And this time I really spent time listening to stuff before buying it.

    DAC's out:
    1. Sony HAP-Z1ES
      I thought I would never part with this one. It is so overbuild for its price, sounds great and you do not have to worry about cables, USB decrapifiers etc.. But I got tired waiting for Sony to make it even remotely useful as a streamer. I use Tidal a lot. And then there was this almost non exiting, but the same time annoying, sound of a hard disk.
    2. TEAC UD-501
      I needed a preamp for my Nuforce HA-200 monoblocks. UD-501 does not have it. I tried some cheap passive preamps but it was not very promising, and it did not seem right to spend more on a passive preamp than on Nuforce amplifiers. S
      And if I can describe UD-501 in one word :it was boring, clean and well behaving but very boring.
    3. Modi Multibit - nothing wrong with this one but once I got Emotiva DC-1, Modi Multibit had to go. It does not even come close to DC-1 in terms of resolution and transient response. After listening to Emotiva for 30 minutes I put Modi Multibit on sale on CAM and sold it in another half an hour.
    DACs in:
    1. Bryston BDA-1. I always wanted BDA-2 to pair with my BHA-1 and I was not disappointed. It works great with the Hifiberry Digi+ Pro BNC output, streaming Tidal. And it makes T5p.2 isound very controlled in both high and low regions, and that's what they needed to sound spectacular.
      BDA-2 also made Totem Hawk speakers powered by Emotiva XPA-2 sound faster and more engaging. I noticed better macrodynamics, and better instrument separation.
    2. Emotiva DC-1. OK so I expected great things from the Bryston DAC, but DC-1 really made my day.
      It has everything I needed: balanced out, preamp, BNC input. And it is so much more engaging than TEAC.
      I connected Nuforce HA-200 monoblocks and HE500: the background is very silent, I thought it was silent before but it really was not in comparison, everything seems faster and more pronounced. Then I connected my old $55 Topping amp, and Fostex FE126En 4" Full Range speakers in P800-E enclosures, to the DC1-1 SE output. I did not know that they could even do bass, apparently they can.

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