Vali 2 very quiet with almost no sound on old 75mv pre amp tape out socket - HELP!

Discussion in 'Advice Threads' started by Misterc98, Jan 29, 2021.

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    Hiya SBAF,

    I was very fortunate last year to purchase a Vali 2....but when I plugged it into my main hifi rig I had a problem? I intended to use the Vali to listen to my turntable through my pre amp tape out socket.

    Howver when I plugged everything together the Vali was soooo quiet....with almost zero sound until the volume was at the 2/3 o'clock position. It would seem that my old (1980s) Naim pre amp tape out was too quiet/ low at 75mv.

    So can anyhow tell me is the easy to fix? Is there another box I could use to increase the volume or would another more powerful Schitt Audio headphone amp solve the problem? It's driving me crazy trying to find out how to fix this so I'd really appreciate anyone's thoughts, thank you.... fantastic forum btw

    Kind regards,

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