Want to ditch my AV receiver for separates

Discussion in 'Advice Threads' started by edzyy, Feb 20, 2021.

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    Looking to ditch my Marantz NR1604 for separates.

    Use for music and TV, and some light gaming.

    Currently have a pair of

    Philharmonic AA monitors
    Crown XLS2502
    & Dual Martin Logan Dynamo 700's.

    Subwoofer integration is very important.

    What products can I use to complete this puzzle?

    Need inputs for a TV, HTPC, PS4, and a bluesound Node 2i streamer.

    Budget of $1500-$2000

    I don't really have any gripes with my setup now, but I want to move the Marantz to my Desk for space saving issues.

    Currently looking at the Outlaw 976 and a couple used Marantz pre/pros
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    Prepro + 5 channel amp is probably not in your budget new. You could get one of the Marantz SR series AVRs with pre-amp outs from accessories4less then look for discrete amplification on Fleabay. Sometimes you can find inexpensive used system integrator amps (like Niles Audio or AudioSource or similar).

    But honestly, I doubt you'll hear any difference between prepro + discrete amps and just using the integrated amplification included in the AVR. Most listening occurs at less than 1 watt for normal speaking volume; and less than 20 watts for make things rattle on the walls.

    If you can forego your need for pre-amp outs and separate amps, I think you'd be happy with this Denon AVR-X1600H. It's probably powerful enough as long as you aren't sitting 20+ feet away from your front stage; it offers Audyssey XT32 room correction (good stuff), and all the modern codecs, including Dolby Atmos should you choose to go that route in the future.

    Then again, one of the Marantz SR AVRs with pre-amp outs may last a few more years than that Denon. These days it's hard to find home theater electronics that aren't made in China. I struggle to put as much faith in the durability of Chinese electronics as, say, Japanese or German. Indeed, my own Marantz SR6008, the center channel amp flaked out a couple years ago. No one in my area repairs them. As luck would have it though, I had a spare Niles SI-275 amp in the closet I wasn't using. Plugged it into the center channel pre-out, and I've spared myself having to replace my AVR. If it were a Denon, Yamaha, or Onkyo without pre-amp outs, I would've only gotten about 3 - 4 years out of it. Instead, now it's 7 and counting. (Thank goodness the HDMI board hasn't crapped out yet.)

    With that in mind, I do see the allure of the Outlaw 976. But unless you already have the amps, I don't think that Outlaw will be able to compete with an AVR. You'll always get more bang for your buck with an AVR than with separates. It's simply a matter of economies of scale. More people buy AVRs than separates, so more AVRs are made, so AVRs are cheaper and often have more features.
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