What should I do ? Telefunken ECC803S, Hytron VT-52 and 2 pairs of NOS Telefunken EL156

Discussion in 'General Audio Discussion' started by Milkteamooni, Nov 23, 2015.

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    My father is a Medical Technician in Vietnamese Army. He is an tube psycho, I mean he really loves these old stuff. He spent his free time, making fullrange speakers and tube amplifiers for himself as a hobby. Yesterday was my birthday, he gave me 4 boxes. When I opened, there were 6 Telefunken ECC803S, 4 EL156 and a pair of Hytron VT-52s. I Asked him why and he just told me that someday I would probably use these tubes.

    Me, i'm a 24-year-old teacher, very young, right ? My love are headphones and amplifiers. I know nothing about electrical and I have no ideas what to do with these tubes. I'm using HE560 with my Teac HA-501 amplifier, truly satisfied !

    I searched around the internet and i was so shock by the price of these tube, especially ecc803s. So what are your suggestions ? Is there anyway to make an amplifier with 3 kinds of these tube?

    I will post the images later, right a way after I get home !
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