Wireless Speaker and Headphone Set Up

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    Hey guys,

    I've been doing reading all day, and have pretty much bamboozled myself. I'm not sure if my ideal idea in my head is possible at this point without some weird cable management.

    I have a Perfectwave Mk2 DAC with the Bridge installed. What I'm hoping to achieve is a speaker set up at one end of a room, and my headphone amp and headphones at the other end of the room, using the PWD as the systems DAC.

    The speakers I'm going to be using are active, so I'm not worried about an amp.

    My source is a Macbook Pro, using Spotify and Fidelia.

    What I want to achieve is the ability to sit in a chair and listen to music, using the PWD as the DAC, and then at night use my headphones, at the other end of the room, off the same system.

    All the solutions I keep coming up with have some sort of compromise, such as running the speaker set up wireless, but having to unplug the speakers and run different XLR's to the other end of the room, and plug those in to listen to headphones.

    Any thoughts would be appreciate. Thank you.

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