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    Taking a page out of @dematted s book.

    Want to buy: Please contact me with any available gear to discuss a sale price

    Soekris 2541 - 1100ish dollars

    Schiit Mjolnir 1 - purchased for 450 dollars

    Want to Sell:

    HD650 Ireland made with pentaconn and SE cables from HD660S - 175$
    Has a new headband pad, but needs new earpads, one cup grill has slight scuff on the grill
    comes in standard HD650 box

    Schiit Mjolnir 2, just returned for repair service from Schiit - New board installed. - $600
    Comes with stock tubes, and LISST, and a few other random pairs

    SOLD - Soekris 1321 - Painted all black - For sale if I can find a 2541 to replace it with - $300 -SOLD
    comes with programming cable and stock box

    Ill cover shipping and fees on my sale items.

    Thanks for looking
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