WTB: Furutech Evolution II Interconnects Used or DIY on the cheap

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by abernardi, Jun 14, 2018 at 8:19 PM.

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    I'm looking for ONE (1) pair RCA - RCA Furutech Evolution II interconnects and TWO (2) pairs of the same type interconnects but but with RCA - XLR terminations. They're too rich for my pocketbook new. But I did find one pair used at a doable price. Anyone want to sell their used pairs?
    Are there any DIY people out there that might be able to build me the cable at a reasonable price?

    From my research so far I haven't found the exact wire used in the Evolution interconnects, but the Reference interconnects seem to use Furutech u-P2.1-50 PCOCC with Alpha (magnetic & cryogenic) treatment and I believe their connectors are Furetch FP-108 or FP-110 for RCA and not sure for the XLR. Any ideas would be appreciated. THANKS!

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    PM me. I've got several pair DIY Furutech RCA. Can also sell a pair of genuine Evolution II.
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