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  1. Rustin Cohle
    Rustin Cohle
    The Avs can clearly outskate Tampa as they did everyone else in the playoffs. If they execute their game and Keumper is good *enough*, then they're in good shape.
    Jun 16, 2022
  2. Rustin Cohle
    Rustin Cohle
    Was watching Giroux's dashed Cup hopes with FL any kind of consolation?
    Jun 16, 2022
  3. Failed Engineer
    Failed Engineer
    I want to see Giroux win a cup so I was rooting for the Panthers. So unfortunately not a consolation! Tampa was on their heels and have to play a little different type of game but I think it's going to be a good series. Goaltending the potential equalizer as you mentioned.
    Jun 16, 2022
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  4. Souldriver
    Big Avs fan. I flew from NY to Colorado just for the night to go to G1. Was delayed in the airport trying to get home longer than i was in Denver. It was an amazing game and atmosphere and it set a pace for the series. I only wish they won it at home so you could watch the top literally blow off of the Ball Arena. No complaints either way with the outcome though!
    Jul 17, 2022