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  1. Justin S
    Justin S
    I'll do formal impressions as I live with the ZMF pads more. Short story is I like stock for some things and ZMFs for others. They're quite different. Chain is Roon->Lynx Hilo BAL->BHA-1 BAL->HD800S.
    Feb 3, 2023
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  2. gixxerwimp
    How is the fitment of the ZMF pads? Do they go on/off easily, securely?
    Feb 4, 2023
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  3. Justin S
    Justin S
    They are a touch fussy to put on, but nothing too difficult. It took me a few minutes each to get them on. They fit the 800s like a glove and feel perfectly secure. A dumb and not sound related observation: they look nice and I like how beefy they make the HD800Ss feel.
    Feb 5, 2023
  4. Justin S
    Justin S
    Listening to The Books, Lemon of Pink 1. It feels like even more of a feast with the Lambskin ZMF pads. It's not subtle. Trying to figure out if I like the reduced, but tighter bass of if I want MOAR.
    Feb 5, 2023