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  1. YMO
    Western Media of course will not say this at all: Israel intelligence + IDF was caught off guard by Hamas. This is just Yom Kippur War level of bad and it is an embarrassment to various government groups within Israel.
    Oct 7, 2023
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  2. purr1n
    How did Israeli spies not catch wind of this huge operation from Hamas? Yeah, I'd be furious and fire them. This is gonna just end badly for everyone.
    Oct 7, 2023
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  3. Claritas
    Can't afford to lose the defense minister because he's the most sensible guy in the cabinet. You forgot the justice minister, who's behind the so-called judicial reform that divided the country. Oh, and the prime minister, who let him do that.
    Oct 7, 2023
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  4. JK47
    Good grief, paragliders and cordless drills were used to circumvent one of the most closely monitored borders in the world?
    Oct 7, 2023
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