Geshelli JNOG V2 Impressions

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    I just received my J2 back from Geshelli with the new board (new regulators and the heatsync on the the chip). While I can't A/B with the previous revision of the board, my preliminary impression (with monitors) is that it sounds slightly better: better separation in the imaging, even more clean in the treble region (cymbals etc), I am hearing more spacial/room cues which makes it sound deeper. I would highlight one caveat: this could just be contrast between what I have been listening to at work in the J2's absence (shitty motherboard audio). I'll let it settle for a week and revisit my review to see if I have any observations that require revision.

    [Add Jun 14] I have made some small revisions my earlier observations of the J2 to take into account the new board. The short story is that my earlier observations stand. I do think it's a bit better now - more clarity, more focus, more engaging staging. I continue to be happy with this purchase and am not missing the RME ADI-2. I added a bit of info on upressing and using and alternate filter with the J2 using HQ Player to my original post.
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