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    Fostex TH-X00 Purpleheart — $395

    After a decent audition, I'm afraid that I'm having a difficult time overlooking the recessed midrange on this headphone. Nonetheless, it's a wonderfully fun listen. And about as gorgeous a can as I've ever laid eyes on! For lovers of a v-shaped sound, the Purpleheart could easily cut muster as a reference.

    Zero condition issues to speak of, here. Near as I can tell, no bubblewrap marks mar the finish of these lovely wood cups. The cloth jacket of the (hefty) cable doesn't evince any fraying. Pads are clean and firm. Monoprice 1/4"–1/8" adapter included. I originally bought this headphone with the understanding that it was near mint, and that hasn't changed in the course of my brief ownership.

    I would prefer to sell the Purpleheart to a buyer within the USA. That said, I do have some experience with international shipping, so if you live outside the USA feel free to send me a PM. I'll see what I can do to accommodate you. Price includes the cost of non-international shipping.

    The Purpleheart will ship in its original box. Pics available on request. And feel free to PM me for more information about the performance/condition of this headphone. I'll be happy to provide it as best I can.

    Friends will be given preference!

    Changed this listing to an "interest check," as I'm not 100% sold on parting with this unique headphone.
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