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    I've read for a while a few good things about the JVC Flats. However, in the past, I ended up deciding for the Koss KSC75s and Porta Pros which seemed to be better known.

    I bought a pair of these for my kids about a month or so ago. They come in a variety of colors, they are quite practical, and they are very affordable ($10/each).


    The fit lowered my expectations in the beginning. There is no grossly over designed feeling one gets from the aggressive padding that some cans in the kilobuck range provide. The cushions are actually a bit stiff. However, I was very surprised at how good these sounded given the price.

    They lack on sub-bass, but otherwise they sound really nice. They are not fatiguing. I would recommend these for the gym and for other applications where a decent sounding headphone for little money is desired. These are somewhat similar sounding to the KSC75s. As the Koss, these don't have high-end low bass, but they do have a fun signature given mid and upper bass slight emphasis. Treble and mids are smooth and not too overly forward. Definitively a headphone I would recommend.

    The added bonus is that these are not clips. They come with a decent adjustable headband and cost a lot less than a Porta Pro.

    These are rated 32 ohms and should have no problem being driven by most portable sources.

    Frequency Response:

    Distortion Right:

    Distortion Left:

    CSD right:

    CSD left:

    At $10 on sale, and given the surprisingly great quality of sound, these are a great alternative to the Koss family of over the ear affordable family of cans.

    Here is a comparo with the KSC75:
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