Massdrop x NuForce EDC3

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    Foreword: The EDC3 is NuForce's (and Massdrop's) solution to a neutral IEM in the $100 bracket, a position that that really has only been tapped by Hifiman and their lower end RE series and Etymotic's HF/MK series. Special thanks to @CEE TEE for graciously providing me a sample upon my request.

    Frequency Response
    FR (CM).png
    • Mostly neutral tuning, following a pinnae compensation more-or-less as opposed to diffuse-field/HRTF.
    • Treble doesn't sound as prominent as on raw IEC, but also not as rolled off as the anti-resonance coupler would suggest. @purr1n's graph is more accurate in this regard.

    Impulse (CM).png
    (Still trying to get as much data as I can on impulse response, but so far there seems to be a correlation between impulse and supposed "cleanliness" or "speed" of the sound output.)

    CSD (L).png CSD (R).png
    • No time domain coherence issues here.

    THD (L).jpg THD (R).jpg
    • Ignore the bass weirdness on the left channel, there's some roadworks outside just as I swapped channels.
    • Strong third harmonic dominance, as expected. The EDC3 in particular has a strong plasticky crispy timbre (BA timbre for the uninitiated) to my ears, which doesn't really make it the most natural sounding IEM in my collection right now.

    Impedance Reactivity
    • Should be relatively unchanged by system output impedance. Tested with my 75ohm resistor adapter; definitely sounds different but it's nowhere near as drastic as other sensitive IEMs.

    Additional notes:
    • Staging is a glaring weakness in the EDC3. Everything is in-your-face and 2-dimensional, it's not going to be a good match for orchestral genres that's for sure.
    • As mentioned above, slight timbre issues. Vocals dominate my music library so this is probably more sensitive for my kind of use cases.
    • HOWEVER, its kind of neutral presentation is unique in its price range. It sits in a nice niche position against Hifimans (bright-neutral) and the cheaper Etymotics (diffuse-field neutral).
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