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    near Munich, Germany
    Experimenting with silicone ears. They're not quite as soft as my ears and slightly smaller, but that's just nitpicking. They are soft and ear sized.
    WIP dummy head pt1.jpg
    The main problem right now: I realized that you can't get good measurements like this without a good middle ear simulation, which won't be easy.
    Multiple volumes with the right damping. The B&K 5128 (4620 ear) uses at least 3 from what I can tell, maybe more. I don't want to just attach an aliexpress IEC711 coupler - that would be too easy. I actually want to make my own and the idea is to be able to fit larger microphones.

    Even without attaching them to a head (I do have a head here, just haven't made a hole for the silicone ears, yet) the FR curves I get from measuring speakers look promising and they mostly work for compensating the headphone measurements.

    This will take a while, but I want to make my own dummy head/HATS. I want it to be slightly more damped than the current solutions since those seem to be more resonant than real heads:
    Dummy heads vs humans.jpg
    The 5128 does seem to be the most accurate between 100Hz and 5kHz, which I would categorize as the most important range, but doesn't seal as well and also has sharper resonances.

    It could take forever to get it to where I want it to be. However here are some WIP compensated measurements of my modded HD600 and modded HD800. I think there should be a bit more ear gain, but I do have to admit that the HD800 is still lacking in upper midrange energy, despite the mods.

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