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    Foreword: I requested to loan and review this IEM from my hometown, Singapore. The Gorham is NocturnaL's entry level dual-driver offering that presents a typical V-shaped response but suffers with fatigue issues stemming from its very substantial upper midrange spike.

    Frequency Response
    FR (CM).png

    Impulse (L).png Impulse (R).png

    CSD (L).png CSD (R).png

    THD (L).png THD (R).png
    • Most obvious trait of the Gorham is the huge 7k spike. I guess it kind of helps with the boosting of clarity, but it's a little too much and sounds extremely sharp.
    • Bass is still very typically BA, decaying fast and is generally light on the hits. An interesting point of note is the repeatable linger of its 7k spike on CSD. May be an additional explanation for the sharpness and fatigue.
    • Third harmonic distortion is nothing out of the ordinary for a BA system but fourth harmonic distortion is unusually high for some reason. Will need further data points and investigation to determine the effects of 0.1%+ D4. Note the spike to 0.3% that corresponds with the FR's 7k spike point.
    • Overall, not an IEM I'd recommend. It's decently detailed and clean for the price but the treble issues are far too much to overlook.
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