Rhapsodio RDB MK8 "Zombie"

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    Foreword: The Zombie was loaned to me by Rhapsodio for my honest review. Priced at $1,800, its cost is second only to their 20-driver Infinity model. The Zombie sports 8 BA drivers and 1 dynamic driver per channel.

    Frequency Response
    FR (CM) v2.png
    FR (RS) v2.png

    Impulse (L) v2.png Impulse (R) v2.png

    CSD (L).png CSD (R).png

    THD (L).png THD (R).png
    • Treble peak doesn't seem to be present in subjective listening. If anything, the upper registers are dulled and lacks energy.
    • Null in the 5-6k region. Rhapsodio's IEMs seem to exhibit this trait, particularly their Solar model.
    • What's with 5k D2 spike in both channels? Looks to line up with the nulls in FR, that could explain it.
    • Not exactly the cleanest impulse, a lot of rubberbanding going on.
    • Subjectively, the bass is loose and the midrange is relatively clean. Quite a difference in transient response between the two which could be chalked up to driver incoherency. Does the CSD anomaly at 600Hz explain this? Must investigate further.
    • Typical THD response for a hybrid. Clean in the bass but the BA's third order takes over in the mids.
    • Overall, not something you would listen for fidelity. The bass is bloated, tends to bleed easily and just meshes poorly with the rest of the frequency response.
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