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    Foreword: Another Chinese IEM, the Mini2 is Rose's small form factor, dual driver offering.

    Frequency Response
    FR (CM).png

    • The Mini2 sounds warm and mid-centric. It doesn't sound as rolled off as presented by the small-volume coupler, but certainly doesn't have the same bite in the cymbals that the IEC raws would lead me to believe. The truth is probably somewhere in-between.

    Impulse (CM).png

    • Yikes. Messy impulse. Not sure what this metric explains. Possibly the Mini2 softer notes and dulled transients on subjective listening?

    CSD (L).png CSD (R).png

    • Sharp ringing probably an artifact based on its correspondence with the resonant point.

    THD (L).jpg THD (R).jpg

    • Another yikes for me, dawg. BA timbre coming in strong with the Mini2. Crispy, plasticky texture despite its warm and rolled-off nature.

    Impedance Reactivity

    • Surprisingly impedance resistant. Source matching should be a breeze on this.

    Additional notes:
    • You know, for $100 I can't really fault this too much. Then again, I haven't heard the EDC3. The Mini2 has its purposes; it's essentially a sleeping IEM with a non-fatiguing signature.
    • Definitely not going to fight against similar priced IEMs in technical ability. It does sound somewhat agreeable, I think most people wouldn't outright hate its signature.
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