Speaker System for noob 3k-4k budget

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by kirayamato, Mar 29, 2016.

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    Here is my current listening room:
    1. Subpar diffusor behind the speakers
    2. Subpar absorber at side wall
    Speaker placement:
    1. Slightly angled up to avoid table (which I am fricking keeping)
    2. Toed inward slightly, even at the listening position. The intersection of the drivers would be slightly in front of me. This helps with center image, wider sweetspot, and avoids side walls as much as possible.
    3. Positioned from the back wall just to give me the right amount of bass / lower mids. More bass if pushed in more to the walls. Less bass if out.
    I will probably DIY some absorb panels to go to the left and right of the window, then I am done. Or maybe I won't bother. I don't let room treatments get in the way of musical enjoyment.

    It is a live sounding room and why I left the "BBC curve" in the frequency response.
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    It's not very hard building and compressing effective bass traps at all. Just most of advice online on sites and forums are bs... just people worry bout waf appeal or personal prettified aesthetics over sound effectiveness that screws things up and end up plain out junk....I personally always preferred dead sounding rooms. Better on my ears and always liked how speakers perform and makes so much easier detecting very small anomalies with speakers and gear to find problems if any.

    problem with lot of rooms is response below 100hz. 100hz and above is very easy to handle in most cases. it's the decaying of the frequency from 50hz and below that are usually issues. ever heard of room modulation issues? if you have a sub or multiple subs in a room with easy ability to produce high spl of 20hz with minimum distortion you can easily tell how low frequencies interact and cause really annoying modulations in the midrange and above in the air. even your own voice will become very modulated when trying to have a conversation. yea, i know most people is not looking for flat response down to 20hz with perfect/acceptable decay and ultra low-distortion. it's just something to take in mind though.

    ultra low frequency modulations are very hard to take care of and usually worst thing to deal with. yea i can't prove anything since i have zero measuring ability and measurement equipment and software and most likely always use my ears for everything which in my opinion is ok and nothing to brag home about. yea lot of the whole room acoustic thing is blown way out of proportion and not a big deal to most people. but, it can be at least something to learn about and from but, whole knows. i can be absolutely nuts overall.

    just saying. never limit oneself to certain things. try everything. if see zero improvement or very little to nothing, then that's fine. if do, then that's fine too. it's just basic user trial and error.

    EDIT: was to response from previous stuff....just took forever getting to laptop and getting to the chatting thing...

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