Trading / Selling Audeze LCD-X for Eikon

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    For sale is a 2015 LCD-X in perfect aesthetic and functional shape. I'm the second owner. The first owner put on low hours with them, but I used them quite a bit as a part of my portable editing and mixing rig (with the Chord Mojo as a source).

    I replaced the headband with an Audeze grey/black felt headband given the leather tore slightly on the original headband.

    I'm getting rid of them given I've been using the Tia Fourte as my primary portable editing/mixing transducer, and for home use I prefer my Magnepan 3.6's.

    I feel that these are a little bassier and smoother in the treble than the newer LCD-X's I heard at CanJam.

    Included will be the headphones (with felt headband and leather pads), quarter inch cable with eighth inch adapter, leather conditioner, travel case... I believe that covers everything that would be included if these were ordered directly from Audeze.

    Payment is via PayPal, $950 net to me (I'll cover shipping). Shipping within the continental USA only, or we can do local pickup in Southern California.

    Will consider trading for ZMF Eikon or other offers.

    Will add more pictures soon (the actual pair is pictured, but the headband has been replaced with the audeze felt one.)

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