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Discussion in 'Closed (Archived) Sales' started by gixxerwimp, Oct 2, 2019.

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    Now that my Schiit layer cake is a couple of layers shorter, I thought I'd throw some EQ/tone adjustment capability in there. If anyone has a Loki they don't want and is willing to ship to Asia, gimme a holler.

    FYI, I was planning to hang onto the Modi Multibit and Eitr for now until everything is 100% stable with BF2, but if anyone wants to make me an offer in the meantime, feel free (also not really using Magni 3). I have a reasonably priced and reliable shipping method that will get it to the US/EU within 2 weeks.

    Edit, forgot to mention all the schiit is 110V, but I also have a Cthulhu which would only require 1 stepdown converter to power everything.
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