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  1. Taverius
  2. Jinxy245
    Now that's a gentleman
    Jun 4, 2019
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  3. Vtory
    Looks awesome. By the way is it possible to ship alcohol via a carrier freely over countries in Europe? In US, shipping to another states is not easy. So many different rules and regulations.. Damn..
    Jun 4, 2019
  4. Taverius
    Pretty sure it is in the EU proper, within reason.
    Jun 4, 2019
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  5. frenchbat
    Free circulation of goods within the Schengen space
    Jun 4, 2019
  6. ufospls2
    Now thats a bit of class. Looks like Glenfarclas?
    Jun 4, 2019
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  7. Taverius
    @ufospls2 correct! 15, 21 and 25yr sampler. Nicest thing that's happened to me all week tbh, I've been dealing with public administration xD
    Jun 4, 2019
  8. Overkill Red
    Overkill Red
    Sounds like a good time! The 21 is my personal favorite whisky, always makes me happy to see it mentioned anywhere.
    Jun 5, 2019